Behind the Scenes: In conversation

A short Behind the Scenes film featuring the installation of some of the work of Exposure Studio Collective members in the In Conversation exhibition. The show, in a series of six mini-galleries in Rotary Park, Crescent Heights, Calgary runs through to the end of February 2022.

Exposure Collective at Sought x Found

Exposure Studio Collective has two concurrent exhibitions running during January – February 2022 at neighbouring venues in Crescent Heights, Calgary. The Sought x Found exhibition is at the café with the same name located on Centre Street, just a short walk north from the main entrance to Rotary Park, where In Conversation, an outdoor exhibition in a series of six mini-galleries, is taking place. Both exhibitions are part of the Exposure Photography Festival.

Sought x Found

The Sought x Found show is a diverse set of twenty-five images by eleven members of Exposure Collective. Calgary’s urban landscape and culture are shown in Cary Schatz’s photographs from the 2021 Stampede, Danny Luong’s wanderings beneath a railway bridge, and Calgary Tower narratives by Tyler Tanner and David Youn.

Emma Palm’s collage work plays with legacy, memory, and livelihood questions. Cyanotype prints from Julya Hajnoczky’s Prairie Biome project look at how agriculture and urban development have dramatically altered the prairie landscapes of Western Canada. Environmental themes also feature in Angela Boehm’s grand regenerating forest visions from her project The Giving Trees (see photograph featured above) and J. Ashley Nixon’s black & white selections from his new book World Heritage. Environmental Change

Enigmatic carbon prints by David Christensen and intimate portraits by Eric Donovan and Lily Pavle will hold your eye just a little longer as you contemplate life over a curated cup of coffee or tea in the calming ambience of Sought and Found Café.

Exhibiting Artists

Angela Boehm, David Christensen, Eric Donovan, Julya Hajnoczky, Danny Luong, J. Ashley Nixon, Emma Palm, Lily Pavle, Cary Schatz, Tyler Tanner, David Youn. Please visit the Photographer section to find out more about their work.

In Conversation: Exposure Studio exhibition at Rotary Park, Crescent Heights, Calgary

Rotary Park is a popular destination for families in and around Crescent Heights community to walk, play, and use its range of recreational facilities. People from across the city are attracted to take in the art exhibitions regularly displayed in its mini-galleries, visit the majestic lion sculpture and share his stare down the Bow River and fabulous lookout across the downtown cityscape of Calgary.

Crescent Heights Mini Galleries

The park’s six mini-galleries are showing In Conversation, a collection of photographs from Exposure Studio Collective members, from January to February 2022. Each one features work from a pair of photographers on themes ranging from human relationships to global concerns.

In Conversation is in two phases. The first one runs through January, with an opening day and guided walking tour with some of the photographers on January 15. After a changeover of the artists and displays, the second phase coincides with Alberta’s Exposure Photography Festival, with an opening day and walking tour on February 5.

How to join the Openings and Walking Tours

In Conversation is an outdoor, wheelchair-accessible exhibition hosted by Crescent Heights Community Association. Their mini-galleries program is supported by the Government of Canada’s Healthy Communities Initiative. Access to Rotary Park, which has some on-site parking, is shown in the map below.

Please join us for the guided tours on January 15 and February 5, or make a visit at your leisure. Be prepared for inclement weather conditions and up to one hour outside during your visit to the exhibition. Afterwards, you might like to go to Sought and Found Coffee Roasters, just up the road from the main park entrance on Centre Street, where you can enjoy a warming drink and take a closer look at some more of the photography of the Exposure Studio Collective exhibited there.

COVID protocol

Walking tours of the mini-galleries will follow COVID regulations set out by the Alberta Government. As of January 7, 2022, 20 people can gather outdoors, with a two-metre distance between each household. We’ll split our tours into groups of 20, with at least one artist per group of visitors. As these regulations change, so will our guidelines for the tours.

Exhibition Openings and Walking Tours

Group 1 Exhibition: January 1 – February 4, 2022

January 15, 2022 @ 1:00 pm MST, 107 7 Ave NE

Mini Gallery 1: Chelsea Yang-Smith & Mecoh Bain
Mini Gallery 2: Kaitlin Moerman & Tyler Tanner
Mini Gallery 3: Ryan Wilkes & J. Ashley Nixon
Mini Gallery 4: Danny Luong & Emma Palm
Mini Gallery 5: Julya Hajnoczky & David Christensen
Mini Gallery 6: Henry Mah & Han Sungpil

Group 2 Exhibition: February 5 – 28, 2022

February 5, 2022 @ 1:00 pm MST, 107 7 Ave NE

Mini Gallery 1: David Youn & Hendrik de Vries
Mini Gallery 2: Cary Schatz & Sam Doty
Mini Gallery 3: Eric Donovan & Twinkle Banerjee
Mini Gallery 4: Angela Boehm & Rocio Graham
Mini Gallery 5: Lily Pavle & Louie Villanueva
Mini Gallery 6: Wilmer Aburto & Mecoh Bain