Angela Boehm

During a drive through the mountains, I realized we were driving through a forest in many stages of regeneration after fire. The transformation from a charred forest to one that is green and growing is fast, vibrant, thick, one could describe it as forceful.  It made me realize what I was seeing was a message of hope.  Appreciating fire is part of nature’s process: “good” fires are an integral part of forest life.  As a documentary photographer, conveying this positive message is my motivation for this project I carefully photograph forests in various stages of regeneration following fire. 

Angela Boehm is best known for her long-term projects exploring generations; teenagers, midlife and seniors. Her emphasis is on creating empathy for those she collaborates with, quietly exposing what it is like to be in their world. During the time of Covid, Boehm turned her focus to the forest as subject, documenting their recovery after fires. In 2021 her work “The Giving Trees” has been recognized and exhibited internationally. Boehm grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan and holds a degree in Business. After retiring she turned to photography. Her images focus on her daily surroundings of home or landscape.

Instagram: @angela.boehm

In Conversation: Angela Boehm and Rocio Graham

Scientific developments give us a false sense of control over nature, but nature creates havoc in our so carefully controlled systems. In a world where natural events are often exploited by evanescent political narratives on ecological matters, Rocio and Angela came together to create a work informed by their affinity to ecofeminism, stepping away from a narrative that is too often based on colonial and patriarchal ways of understanding and reacting to nature. In their work they explore a less travelled connection to nature, one that is more wholesome and imbued with their own lived experiences.

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