Cary Schatz

I started photography in 2015 and I was quickly drawn to the fine art aspects of street photography with influences such as Robert Frank and Joel Meyerowitz. I prefer an emphasis on the scene and human interaction with the environment. Although isolation of a subject is important, I believe more going on in the frame creates interest. Going forward I am strongly focused on integrating film in photography with an emphasis on documentary and portraiture. I plan to draw more on fine art influences and would also like to address personal and social issues that communicate more thoughtfully with the viewer.

Cary Schatz is a Calgary-based artist. In 2015 he started the SAIT photography program during which he discovered street photography. Shortly after, it led him into documentary photography and storytelling. Cary’s work first appeared in the 2017 Exposure Festival Emerging Photographers Exhibition in Calgary and runner up in the Chromatic Photography Awards. Exhibitions have followed every year. By 2020 he has appeared in several exhibitions and magazines. Funded by CADA in 2021 where he participated in “Exposure Studio” and started attending the International School of Photography (ICP). Look for his upcoming exhibits in Exposure in 2022.

Instagram: @schatzypants

In Conversation: Cary Schatz and Sam Doty

What is street photography? Photography greats such as Atget and Walker Evans have been sharing their architectural representations of the world-spanning the history of the medium. Now two Calgary-based artists have combined exhibits from their travels to the Iberian Peninsula. Cary Schatz and Sam Doty pose the idea that one must imagine life within the walls of the city and literally, under the roofs. From above, the crossed patterns and constructed lines of Doty to below; a life in the city anchored by vertical lines but showing the curves and the intimate embrace of life as represented by Schatz.

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