Chelsea Yang-Smith

Chelsea Yang-Smith (she/they) is a visual artist and photographer currently based in Mohkinstsis/ Calgary, Alberta. Their practice investigates the socio-political dichotomy of living as a passing person of colour by using photography to document her experience. Auto-biographical and intimate—her work invites viewers to come closer and consider their own relationship to tender moments, vulnerability, and navigating encounters as the “other”. 

Yang-Smith’s work has been featured in solo and select group exhibitions in the area and they retain an active commercial practice shooting imagery for a number of international and local clients. 

Instagram: @chelseayangsmith 

In conversation: Mecoh Bain + Chelsea Yang-Smith


Canadian literary author Margaret Atwood states in her book Survival: A Thematic Guide to Canadian  Literature, “…the true and only season here is winter: the others are either preludes to it or mirages  concealing it.”  Winter is representative of clean slates, a fresh start and preludes the season of growth and new life.  Beautiful and breathtaking but also harsh and unforgiving, winter is a season that every Canadian is familiar with. Motherland is a collaborative amalgamation of the work of biracial photographers; Mecoh Bain and  Chelsea Yang-Smith. Depicting the Canadian landscape and natural elements that we live, play, and work in—we recognize and appreciate the privilege we share in occupying this land as second-generation immigrants.  

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