Danny Luong

Danny Luong is an emerging photographer born and based in Calgary, Alberta. Luong holds a BA in Journalism from Mount Royal University and works to represent landed East-Asian migrants and refugees through personal documentary. Luong is interested in ancestral lineages and the effects of history on generations of migrants. With an emphasis on duality, Luong’s graphic style recalls both snapshots and gritty photojournalism from a mix of medium format, 35mm, and digital stills. Luong’s subjects emphasize the tribulations of generations, shared cultural values and the effects of displacement on first and second-generation Canadian lives and the intergenerational trauma carried by uninvited guests on this land.

Instagram: @dny.lu


In Conversation: Danny Luong and Emma Palm

box no. 4: the curious case of J.J. rabbit [and how i _____ you]. Photographs often serve as artificial constructs for memory. We have tried to artificially construct the natural process of forgetting – taking measure of what to keep, erase, treasure, or leave behind. My memories, your memories, our memories, entwined and consigned to dust at some time.

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