David Youn


My work in photography and digital mediums focuses on movement in still frames; a sense of control; and often the loss of it. I was diagnosed with Epilepsy in 2019 and have come to realize that my fascination with movement comes from a lifetime experience with losing control. Much like this condition I had no idea what drove my interest in building images instead of “taking” them but upon discovering this underlying issue, my work now focuses entirely on this perspective.

David Youn is a Calgary-based visual artist and an advocate for local emerging artists here in the city. Husband, father, photographer, podcaster, magazine creator and curator, Epileptic… and most recently a marathon runner! Whatever life reveals, David works to move with it to contribute creatively to the growing conversation of arts here in the city and abroad.


Instagram: @dyounphoto

Twitter: @mvfpodcast


In Conversation: David Youn and Hendrik de Vries

A collaboration between David Youn and Hendrik deVries combining Hendrik’s meditation on thawing ice and changing weather and David’s approach to constructing images to imbue movement.

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