Emma Palm

Emma Palm is a visual artist and photographer living on Treaty 7 territory in Calgary, Alberta. Working with 35mm and medium format film, collage, writing, and analogue printing processes, she poses and plays with questions of legacy, memory, and livelihood. Her practice is largely informed by her rural Alberta upbringing, a strong sense of home and inheritance, and a series of significant losses – including the deaths of her father and brother. Her work reflects upon the traces and monuments we leave behind through a lens of personal documentary and social research.


Instagram: @emmaruthpalm


In Conversation: Danny Luong and Emma Palm

box no. 4: the curious case of J.J. rabbit [and how i _____ you]. Photographs often serve as artificial constructs for memory. We have tried to artificially construct the natural process of forgetting – taking measure of what to keep, erase, treasure, or leave behind. My memories, your memories, our memories, entwined and consigned to dust at some time.

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