Henry Mah

Clouds have always fascinated people for hopes and dreams for the future, especially for artists. On this particular day that I shot this in Squamish BC, alongside the docks while travelling with my mother, was a particularly happy day for me.

Based in Canada, Henry Mah has enjoyed a 30-year career as an art photographer and multi-disciplinary artist. Mah graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emily Carr University’s prestigious photography program in 1995. In his current art photography practice, Mah relies on both instinct and pre-calculation to survey vernacular scenes and urban topographies. Using natural light and available subjects, Mah’s photographs suggest artful objectivity as he seeks to find the curious in the commonplace and the charged mystery in chance moments.


Instagram: @hellohenrymah


In Conversation: Henry Mah and Han Sungpil

Henry and Sungpil both are interested in natural phenomena and urban terrain. Henry captured the cloud image in Squamish BC and Sungpil shot his in Calgary, AB. Their works are about Canadian environmental stories and clouds are a metaphor for the hopes and dreams in our lives.

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