Kaitlin Moerman

Common Ground

Kaitlin Moerman’s work is inspired through travel or removal of herself from the busyness of her day-to-day. Since March 2020, like many, she has been operating in one space inside a city she feels all too familiar with, finding inspiration difficult with so much change and so much still the same. Her current focus is on defining separation without physical removal and seeing her space through new eyes. Focusing less on the subject matter and more on the composition of pattern, shape, light and colour, places her nowhere and everywhere simultaneously through the images.

Kaitlin Moerman is a multidisciplinary artist based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Her work is autobiographical in nature, using photography and writing for introspection and expression. She’s interested in why people do the things they do, how they communicate, and what she learns about herself through her understanding of others.


Instagram: @kaitlinmoerman


In Conversation: Kaitlin Moerman and Tyler Tanner

Common Ground is a brief conversation between Tyler Tanner and Kaitlin Moerman about contrast and commonality found in their built environment. Tyler evokes energy, capturing movement and speed, with urban structure as the agent of motion and time. In contrast, Kaitlin observes the silence and solitude of her inanimate surroundings. Their work finds common ground through the shape and form of the built environment, even though their focus on its utility differs.

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