Mecoh Bain

To Bloom

“To Bloom” is a visual exploration of the relationship between feminine and masculine
energy in the human body. What it means to bloom softly, through pain, and the story of
purity, chaos, growth, and surrender in the human experience. This is an ongoing series
and work in progress.
Mecoh Bain (she/her) is a freelance Filipino-Canadian photographer whose work is
largely informed by her experience as a bi-racial woman. Mecoh’s practice turns honest
moments into soulful art, giving a voice to those who historically have been overlooked.
Her work is anchored in storytelling and community, with an intention to empower her
subjects with the permission to be seen and celebrated. As a woman of colour Mecoh
feels the responsibility to shift the narrative and bring diversity and representation of
BIPOC and LGBTQ2IA+ communities to the forefront of contemporary art and

In Conversation: Wilmer Aburto and Mecoh Bain
These photographs are part of an ongoing series of sacred portraits of members of the
Indigenous, Black/Brown racialized communities in Mohkinstsis. Increasing visibility of
racialized identities is vital in moving towards amplifying the voices of racialized communities.
Instagram and Twitter: @mecohbain

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