Rocio Graham

I anchor my art practice in the botanical and ritual knowledge from my Mexican foremothers, where a connection to the land is part of our identity and a way of social justice.  My work is an inner conversation, a reflection of my role in a system that sees nature as a commodity that can be used and discarded with no accountability to the natural order of things. An observer that speaks the language of plants, to highlight the complex relationship between humans and the natural world.

Rocio Graham is a multidisciplinary Mexican-Canadian artist. Arriving at the intersection between art and science, her art practise is influenced by her cultural heritage, ancestral ways of knowing, interest in life cycles, and knowledge of botany. Graham founded Hear/d and Blindspot two annual juried photography exhibitions. Highlight art residences include Germinate and Mortem part of Ayatana art research program, Women Centre of Calgary and Kiyooka Ohe Arts Centre working around the decolonization of garden spaces as an art practice. Graham’s artworks have been acquired by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts Collection, Saks Fifth Ave and the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel.

Instagram: @rociograham @santa.rosa.arts.and.healing

In Conversation: Angela Boehm and Rocio Graham

Scientific developments give us a false sense of control over nature, but nature creates havoc in our so carefully controlled systems. In a world where natural events are often exploited by evanescent political narratives on ecological matters, Rocio and Angela came together to create a work informed by their affinity to ecofeminism, stepping away from a narrative that is too often based on colonial and patriarchal ways of understanding and reacting to nature. In their work, they explore a less travelled connection to nature, one that is more wholesome and imbued with their own lived experiences.

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