Sam Doty

I grew up as an ex-pat, moving around every couple of years between cities and countries. Having grown up like this, I’ve missed out on much of the connection to lifelong friends and location that many people I know have. My family had just moved to Taipei, leaving behind my brother and I for the first time, prompting a reflection on what home – or a lack of – feels like. The photos have been taken in various locations in various stages of my life. It is a reflection of feeling detachment to the region you’re in.

Sam Doty is a self-taught photographer based in Calgary, Alberta. His work focuses on ideas of loneliness, home and roots, and relationships with new regions. He is currently working on completing a B.Comm degree, Entrepreneurship concentration, and a BA, English, at the University of Calgary. His work has been exhibited in the Lightbox Galleries at Arts Common and was featured in the Exposure Emerging Artist Showcase at Contemporary Calgary. His work was a part of the online exhibition “A Moment of Zen” and has been featured in Shutter Hub’s online exhibition and printed zine “Yearbook 2020”.

Instagram: @modnoir

In Conversation: Cary Schatz and Sam Doty

What is street photography? Photography greats such as Atget and Walker Evans have been sharing their architectural representations of the world-spanning the history of the medium. Now two Calgary-based artists have combined exhibits from their travels to the Iberian Peninsula. Cary Schatz and Sam Doty pose the idea that one must imagine life within the walls of the city and literally, under the roofs. From above, the crossed patterns and constructed lines of Doty to below; a life in the city anchored by vertical lines but showing the curves and the intimate embrace of life as represented by Schatz.

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