Twinkle Banerjee

Twinkle uses alternative and digital photographic processes to tell stories and has a fluid practice where she explores various subject matters, ranging from personal to social commentary.

Twinkle Banerjee (She/Her) is an Indo-Canadian visual artist, who works with alternative and digital photographic processes. Her practice covers a wide variety of topics, ranging from social commentary to conceptual storytelling rooted in activism. Born in 1987 in India, she spent the first two decades of her career leading teams, in the hospitality and the financial sector, before making the transition into the arts in 2019. Since then she has exhibited in the USA, Canada, Greece, Italy, has been published in Berlin and featured on CBC. Recently her work “Characters of Memorial Park” was part of an exhibit and publication at the ICP-New York. She is currently a grantee of the RBC Emerging Visual Artist Program (RBCEVAP 2021-2022). In the near future, she hopes to document parts of India, that are diminishing due to globalization, while trying to decolonize the narrative, surrounding photography in the country.

Instagram: @twinklefilmandothers

In Conversation: Eric Donovan and Twinkle Banerjee

Most keenly felt when it is about love, the experience of loss touches all lives, and more importantly, all good lives lived. And much of the time it makes no sense. Why does living well bring with it ache? With these images, Twinkle Banerjee and Eric Donovan accept loss and longing as a central theme of life, the cost of what is most precious about life. Passion and beauty make way first to uncertainty and doubt, and ultimately to a deep sense that something was here, and now is gone.

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