Tyler Tanner

Common Ground

As a skateboarder and photographer, the world holds limitless opportunities for exploration and experimentation. My work focuses not only on the tricks being done by the skateboarder but also on the moments in between that can be as crucial to the outcome and the art of landing a trick. Skateboarding and shooting photos at a prime skate spot or skatepark can reveal the truly unique and dynamic atmosphere that may not exist to the casual observer or passerby. My hope is that I can give the viewer a unique look into the mind of a skateboarder.

Born and raised in Calgary, Tyler utilizes analog and digital mediums to document Skateboarding in Calgary. Growing up skateboarding in Calgary since the mid-1990s has helped define Tyler’s eye on the aesthetics involved in skateboarding photography as well as the importance of the use of Calgary’s skate parks and architecture to frame his shots. In addition to skateboarding, Tyler also focuses his photography on the areas of urban landscapes, streets, and sports.

In Conversation: Kaitlin Moerman and Tyler Tanner

Common Ground is a brief conversation between Tyler Tanner and Kaitlin Moerman about contrast and commonality found in their built environment. Tyler evokes energy, capturing movement and speed, with urban structure as the agent of motion and time. In contrast, Kaitlin observes the silence and solitude of her inanimate surroundings. Their work finds common ground through the shape and form of the built environment, even though their focus on its utility differs.


Instagram: @tftanner


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