Wilmer Arbuto

Semilla Ancestral

‘Semilla Ancestral’ (Ancestral Seed) is an offer of gratitude for the literal seeds, as well
as for the symbolic seeds of guidance and protection planted by the ancestors. The
image is also a disruption to systemic racism. “By seeing a representation of black and
brown bodies in photography, we are creating a place where we can be celebrated for
our full value, and for the iconic humans that we are.”  

Wilmer Aburto is a Calgary-based photographer born in Nicaragua. He has led projects
with youth, seniors, Canadian newcomers, individuals with disabilities and mental health
barriers, Veterans, BIPOC and LGBTQ2IA+ communities. He is the recipient of the
Immigrants Services Calgary Arts & Culture Award – presented to a Canadian
newcomer who has achieved success in an artistic endeavour within the visual, media or
performing arts fields. Wilmer has been published and exhibited internationally.

Instagram: @wilmerphotography

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